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Biomass Division

In order to be part of this technological challenge, it is necessary to be aware of all the opportunities provided by renewable energy.
Biomass is a renewable energy par excellence: the energy is derived from residual materials in the agricultural and forestry sectors, discards from the agriculture and foodstuff industries, vegetal oils, animal waste and sewage, but also humid organic urban waste and vegetal species, which are appropriately transformed to produce electric and thermal energy.
Biomass shows a promising future and the European Union has invited the member countries to increase their investments in this sector, to sustain the economy.
Using biomass has considerable advantages for customers who adopt it, including:

  • Great electric and economic yield.
  • Guaranteed production of electric and mechanical energy.
  • Fume, CO2 and dust emissions are significantly below the limits imposed by norms.
  • Creation of new scenarios of economic investment.
  • Elimination of waste and the use of discards of different origins (agricultural and forestry residue, agricultural and food industry waste, breeders’ sewage, urban waste, vegetal species cultivated specifically for the purpose).
  • Transformation of costs for disposal into opportunities for economic earnings.
  • Reduces dependency on fossil fuels such as petroleum.
  • Economic facilitations in accordance with the State Energy Account.
  • Very high technological dependability of the components.
  • Extremely compact and easily placeable installations.

Brochure Biomass Division

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