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Building Automation

Today, mankind is experiencing an age when extremely sophisticated standards of comfort have been reached. The image of “the intelligent home” and the evolved concept of building automation, beyond tradition.
It is possible to design and equip every home or work environment to provide the user with equipment and systems capable of performing various functions. Palladio Impianti is employing domotic and building automation systems in order to research and find strategic instruments, to:
  •  enhance the quality of life and safety;
  • save energy and management costs;
  • simplify planning and design, installation, maintenance and the use of technology;
  • convert older environments and plants.

Designing intelligent buildings
interaction between man and his habitation

Palladio Impianti’s commitment in the Building Automation division is oriented towards providing solutions for the needs expressed individually by every customer. Proposals for intervention converge in a system of integrated technical solutions. This integration of functions and services achieves success and satisfaction of the requirements expressed by our customers: only in this manner can we say we have positively achieved the objective we have set.

Our ideal of evolution

An evolved building permits coordinated, integrated and computerised management of technological plants:
2_distribution of water, gas and energy
3_safety plants
4_information technology networks
5_communications networks

The evolved building permits you to achieve high standards in every field of application:
1_management flexibility
4_energy savings in buildings



Our ideal of evolution