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palladio impianti



Palladio Impianti Srl, integrated safety systems, building and industrial automation, renewable energy

The History

Palladio Impianti was established in 1995, through the merger of young sole proprietorships from Vicenza, which had already been in business for a decade, in the field of electric plants and industrial automation.
Sharing knowledge and experiences conferred a strong thrust towards expansion, soon promoting the new company and turning it into a top-notch realty in the sector.
The company’s history is characterised by attention towards the solutions proposed by the user and towards the quality of intervention. This has led to continuous results and growth, in terms of productivity and a consistent increase in clientele, primarily in the industrial sector.

Commitment and Research

Palladio Impianti has invested a great deal of energy in study and research to identify the most important market requirements.
This method allows us to foresee the actual external requirements projected into the future, and to punctually provide the necessary services in economically viable timeframes.
Over the years, we have focused on four sectors of commitment, with precise objectives:

Integrated Safety




The Ideal

As it fully satisfied market requirements, the company immediately created profitable values and maintains high standards of productivity, also increasing the use of human and material resources.
Relations with the Clientele are constructive and collaborative, in order to obtain satisfaction and economic advantages for both parties.
In order to reach this objective within the timeframe foreseen, maintaining a low level of risk, responsibilities are entrusted to an expert operational team, to well-prepared technicians and excellent business partners.
Only in this manner was it possible to turn the initial ideal into a concrete fact: to distribute wealth in terms of technology, economy and performance.