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Industrial Automations

Industrial automation systems are present in all of the most important industrial fields, in the supervision, control and regulation of plants, wherever the performance of repetitive or complex operations are required, but also where safety or the certainty of action is necessary, or simply to increase the efficiency of the various functions.
The most important peculiarities of these applications allow each individual customer to manage, to their own economic advantage, machines and processes, to increase the quality and quantity of production, improving performance in human intervention.

Fields of Application

Since it’s birth, Palladio Impianti has studied, designed and installed:

  • modules for industrial automation;
  • general plant solutions;
  • special customised solutions;
  • robotized plants.
Every realisation takes shape on the basis of customer specifications, in respect of the environment and guaranteeing assistance over time.
The company has experienced a strong increase in its base of customers, thanks to innovative research and the use of increasingly advanced technologies, interpreting and satisfying needs in a great many fields of industrialisation and:



Metal mechanics

Agricultural and foodstuffs


The post-sales assistance service, through training for operators and periodic maintenance programmes, guarantees a return on investments for all customers.