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palladio impianti

Integrated Safety Systems

Every individual, just as every company, desires to protect their working and living environment, which they have consolidated over time, and which are the results of their commitment and objectives reached with great effort, and to make them safe.
Palladio Impianti has made the Integrated Safety Systems department one of its most important areas of research, proposing precise shared objectives with customers:
  • To protect the integrity of persons, buildings and productive systems, through anti-intrusion systems, burglar alarms, anti-theft, fire prevention and extinguishing systems, gas detection systems.
  • Controlling the flow of access through measures of an organisational and technological nature, controlling plants, closed circuit television, video recording systems, with Central Operational control.
  • Preventing the direct or indirect alteration of information on the part of users or due to accidental events.
  • Preventing abusive access to data and systems.

Palladio Impianti has become a unique interlocutor, guaranteeing a complete and dependable system of safety, ensuring:


Customised application consultancy

Planning / design management

The choice of

Installation and maintenance of

Integration with vigilance partners

Management of alarm systems

Specialised human resources, evaluating the customer’s degree of risk, proposing the best solution to make every residential or productive environment safe.

Securety & Safety
Palladio Impianti’s technology is applied in the security division, namely – to ensure security against intrusions or theft, and in the safety division – namely, global safety in every building, against gas leaks, fires, flooding or other damaging events.