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Photovoltaic Division

Photovoltaic energy is produced using solar radiations, which are concentrated and channelled through photovoltaic cells, appropriately installed. It is important to discover the advantages of adopting this system, also taking into account the growing demand for incentives in the production of photovoltaic energy, on the part of institutions.

  • The quality of the energy produced is the same as the traditional processes (hydroelectric, carbon and petroleum).
  • There is no generation or cause of chemical, acoustical or thermal pollution.
  • No emissions, residue or waste is created, because the components are totally recyclable.
  • The intensity and duration of solar rays permit excellent operating conditions.
  • Every customer adapts the power of his plant to his own needs.
  • The state promotes and facilitates the production of photovoltaic energy, in economic terms.
  • Installation is rapid and costs are limited.
  • Photovoltaic modules can be added and integrated over a period of time to increase the power of the plant.
  • Space and areas that are difficult to use can be recuperated with other installations.

Photovoltaic Brochure

brochure fotovoltaico