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Wind energy Division

Wind energy comes from the transformation of wind into electric or mechanical energy. Currently, the conversion into electric energy, through a wind energy station. In the past it was used immediately as power for industrial applications.
In respect of the natural elements our planet offers, we have discovered that the wind is an attractive source of energy, rich in resources and providing generous opportunities. The technological revolution in recent years has led the sector to managing resources in an excellent manner, and to proposing interesting advantages, from various points of view:

  • The wind is an abundant, renewable and sustainable source of energy.
  • Wind power has a low environmental impact with respect to other sources of energy.
  • No greenhouse gases or CO2  is produced.
  • It does not increase the price of fuel and costs are stable.
  • The state energy account facilitates wind power installations through economic incentives.
  • Amortization time can be determined easily, with respect to the initial investment.
  • Maintenance and dismantling costs are low, the components can be recycled and re-used.
  • Wind energy is a source of income for farmers and breeders. It produces wealth in the agricultural sector and in the related induced industrial sector.